One of the most common tools used to clear underground pipes is a drain snake, a long, flexible steel cable that is capable of being fed through pipes and then breaking up the clog, either by pushing it through or breaking it up. But, to provide the best plumbing Tucson AZ has seen, the drain snake is just one of an array of professional tools Rootin Tootin have in their arsenal. For particularly intense subterranean stoppages, we can pull out the big guns: a high-pressure water jet capable of cutting right through even the most extreme clogs.

Hydro-jetting is a technology that uses high water pressure of up to 3,800 PSI at 15-18 gallons per minute to clear away years of disgusting build up. Unlike typical snaking or rooting, hydro-jetters will completely clear away obstructions sticking to the walls of the pipeline, clearing away every last vestige of blockage and backflow.

Plumbing Tucson AZ using Hydro Jetting

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