Did you know that just one leaky faucet can waste 15-20 gallons of water per day? And you thought the sound was annoying! Not to mention that a faucet leak can cause damage to the sink, cabinets, and even the floors surrounding it.

Fixing a leak sounds simple, maybe even simple enough to do yourself. But once you take that faucet apart, will you replace any corroded valves, rings, or gaskets? Mistakes at that point could cost more than just calling a Tucson plumbing professional to do the job right the first time. Call Rootin Tootin Rooter.

We’ll handle even the most tricky plumbing repairs Tucson has seen with absolute confidence. In fact, we know faucets so well, we’ll tell you whether it’s better to repair the old one or replace with a new one. Fixtures are meant to last a long time, but not forever. Rootin Tootin will honestly recommend the long-term solution that will best for you in the long run, whether than means repairing an existing fixture or replacing it with a new one.

Rootin Tootin Rooter. Best hassle-free honest plumbing Tucson has ever seen.

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